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How to Stop Manifesting Bad Luck

You wake up in the morning and find you’re late because the alarm clock didn’t go off. You find your car punctured and your ironed shirt missing. Even before you begin your day, you groan that you’ve been hit by bad luck. But, have you ever wondered whether it is you who is manifesting bad luck for yourself?

New Age gurus and spiritualists assert that bad luck does not strike you but you manifest it for yourself. But why would anyone want to bring bad luck upon themselves? New Age gurus say it is not about wanting but about focusing.

Focus right: A genre of positive manifestation techniques has developed over the past few years. The experts of these techniques say Life is like a giant mirror. It reflects back your thoughts and emotions but not your desires. So, even while you desire a new car you may be thinking about how to get rid of your old one. So, you are focusing on the old car all the time and may end up actually having it stolen. This is because, the Universe reflected back the thoughts you were so intent upon-in this case, constantly expecting to lose your car. Manifesting Science experts say if you want a new car, think of a new car. They say, dream of it, feel it as if it were real, look up advertisements etc instead of focusing on how you are stuck with an old one. If you want to have a good day, believe in having a good day from the moment you wake up.

Emotional tuning: American scientists have proven in labs that our thoughts are electrical signals and our emotions are magnetic signals. Since, the entire world around us is affected by electro-magnetic signals; we impact our environment in subtle ways with our thoughts and emotions. New Age spiritualists say we manifest bad luck by emotionally tuning in to negative thoughts and ideas. A simple tweaking of your emotional stability can change your fortunes, they assert.

Gratitude: All New Age gurus insist on feeling gratitude as a prayer on a daily basis. The more you thank the Universe for, the more you shall receive, according to them. Thanking the Universe for giving you good luck will bring further good fortune to you, say New Age spiritualists.