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Brass HO Trains From Overland Models

Overland models, Inc. imports fine scale brass model railroad equipment from South Korea, including Brass HO trains, N and O scale models. The company specializes in diesels, steam locomotives, cabooses and rolling stock from these scales. With over 30 years of importing, the company has captured a good range of models, both new and old. These models are built to inspire and are highly precision crafted. The company houses a library of its own with a great collection for reference and the team is involved in activities like taking on-site measurements, photos and interact with railroad and other employees.

The Brass HO trains are available in various types. Boxed Set, Caboose, steam, Diesel, Electric and passenger car. In each category of the HO model trains, one can find a lot of variety. These models are handcrafted by some of the world’s foremost manufacturers using our specifications. They are then finished at our state-of-the-art factory to represent their prototypes to perfection. The HO scale detailed parts for the HO brass model trains are also available like E-bell, Exhaust system accessories, fuel retention system, general maintenance, headlight accessories, coupler lift bars, trucks and sideframe accessories, cooling coils, door handles, and so on.

Other scales available are 3 rail scales, O and N. The 3-rail locomotives and Ferdinand Megalan Presidential Car, the O scale Diesel, electric and structures and the N scale caboose, diesel, electric and passenger car are the commonly available models. The company also offers a limited repair service at the office, if the dealer is not able to do it. However, replacement parts belonging to older models are limited.

The latest models are BNSF isolated cab and KCS standard & isolated cab locomotives, which vary in terms of paint scheme and details and other features. The BHP SD70ACe Isolated unit has items such as nose and tail marker lights, additional piping on the pilot, additional roof detail applications, fire suppression system, and the addition of a 2nd row of railing for safety. The Richard ‘Toad’ Montgomery has an appliance applied to the cab roof to test clearance throughout the system prior to all modifications being made. As for the modified SD70ACe from the former BNSF series, the have features like marker lights, step wall protection, additional railing, cab window protection and fire protection system installed.